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Body for the Ages Founder Pax Beale knew it decades ago: exercise is the key to reversing the effects of aging. It’s the concept on which he built Body for the Ages. He used the positive effects of exercise to remodel his heart after his heart disease diagnosis, and from there, he began his mission to share the amazing effects of his discoveries with as many people as possible.

Pax’s study and application of the science of exercise led him to prove, in his own case, and for those who followed the Body for the Ages program, that not all exercises are created equal. There are specific types of exercises that, when performed consistently, truly bring about a reversal of aging.

Pax’s findings are becoming more widely known, as the rest of the world catches up. Here’s a short, satisfying take on the concept in the New York Times. Enjoy the read, and enjoy the youthful results!

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