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Hello! We’re excited to welcome you to our new blog and updated website. We hope you’ll visit often for up-to-date wellness news, guidance, and a community of people like you who have decided to take charge of their heart health.

We’d also like to invite you to join us in remembering the founder of Body for the Ages, Pax Beale.

After a five-way heart bypass in younger years, with doubts from his doctors as to whether he’d fully recover, Pax decide to take control of his own wellness regimen. He developed new methods, with colleagues in the scientific community, to remodel his heart and live life on his terms. He added decades to his life (plus countless “Only Pax Beale would do that!” adventures). His personal program became the basis of the Body for the Ages Heart Wellness Program, which continues to enhance people’s lives, and lengthen their lifespans, every day.

Pax died in May 0f 2016, at the age of 86. He founded this nonprofit in 2006, and worked ardently on its continuous development and outreach right up until the very week of his death. He never retired. It was his passion to make sure the methods he used to save his own life, would continue to save the lives of as many other people as possible.

Pax lives on through his groundbreaking program. We at Body for the Ages feel lucky to see the effects the Hearth Wellness Program has on the lives of participants and their loved ones.

All that’s missing, and missed, is Pax’s booming voice, cheering everyone on.

We invite you to hear that voice for yourself on our Founder’s page, where you’ll find videos featuring Pax and his thoughts on the Body for the Ages program, heart health, happiness, and life in general. For Pax, life was about constantly moving “onward and upward” (his slogan) never slowing down, and never giving up. Most remarkably, his life was about reaching out to lift as many people as possible up with him to live life to the fullest. For that, we thank him, and we are happy to share this space with all of you, where you can benefit from Pax’s expertise and indomitable approach to life.

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  • Peter Schaub

    Pax was the best and certainly an inspiration! We were all fortunate to have him in our lives.

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