To develop a Super Bowl team takes strategy. Body for the Ages has put together a winning system for you, regardless of your age. Heart health and fitness yields self-esteem, and lets you enjoy the game of life.

– Bill Walsh
49ers Hall of Fame

Here’s proof. Pax Beale, through his prescription exercise and prescription nutrition, as described in his book, has proven health wellness far beyond the norm.

– Joe Weider
Founder of Flex, Shape,
and Muscle & Fitness Magazines

The Book

Nicknamed “the wellness bible,” it’s your step-by-step guide to the Body for the Ages Heart Wellness Program.

Author, researcher, and founder of the Body for the Ages organization, Pax Beale wrote this book in his mission to help you live to your maximum genetic lifespan. Pax shares his inspiring personal story, and his wellness philosophy, from which he created the Body for the Ages Heart Wellness Program. He takes you on his miraculous journey from a heart cripple to a national bodybuilding champion, proving that it’s possible to reverse heart disease and heart risks.

Learn to overcome stress, build confidence, and enhance your physical and mental wellness. This book truly is a “wellness bible” for heart health, weight loss, sports medicine, diabetes, plus a method to control high blood pressure and cholesterol, in some cases, even eliminating the need for medication. When Pax sat down to write the book, he had “been there and done that,” possibly more than anyone else you will ever meet.

In a personable, captivating narrative style, Pax explains each of the four steps of the Body for the Ages Heart Wellness Program—Basic Nutrition System, Prescription Method of Training, Scientific Supplements, and the Principle of Total Commitment.

“If I did it, why can’t you or someone you love?” Pax asks.

The book combines humor, science, and even a romance. You will meet the love of Pax’s life, Sophie Taggart: Ms. America, Ms. World, and Ms. Universe in bodybuilding, and learn how they got married on the way to the operating room. It’s a genuine and moving love story.

Pax spent the twilight of his life working to teach you how to defeat heart disease and heart risks. This book, his chosen method of delivering the Body for the Ages Heart Wellness Program, is his legacy and his parting gift to you.

A quote from Pax:

I often hear, ‘How do you do it at your age? It must take a lot of work.’ (And all this time I thought I was doing it for fun!) You are my inspiration. The Body for the Ages philosophy saved my life, and passing my knowledge onto you is my mission. I believe effort and motivation come from within, and applied properly, you can use those characteristics to be forever young.