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About Us

Our mission is to help you live to your maximum genetic lifespan by giving you the tools to eliminate heart disease risks from your life.

Body for the Ages was built on a foundation of groundbreaking research by Founder Pax Beale and his associates in the medical and scientific communities. Our Heart Wellness Program has offered step-by-step guidance in transforming and lengthening lives for over a decade, as an onsite program, and now through Pax Beale’s book.

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Body for the Ages empowers you to reimagine what cardiovascular health means for you, and take charge of your wellness. We’re more than a source of education; we’ve created a heart health movement.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

In 1991, Pax Beale had to have a five-way coronary bypass procedure. In 1993, he had use of only 25% of his maximum heart function even after surgery. In 1995, I was amazed to find, based upon physical examination, exercise testing, echo-cardiography, and ultrasound examination, he had completely normal cardiac function. I told him, whatever he is doing, he should continue because it is clearly beneficial.

— Ed Cohen, M.D.

We all eventually enter the fourth quarter of our lives. Pax is putting his stamp on his fourth quarter, as he shows you in his book, how to have a healthy heart, guaranteed weight loss, and a body of your dreams.

— Craig Morton
Denver Super Bowl Quarterback

In my mind and experience, Pax Beale is not just an American treasure, he is a human treasure. I have met many celebrities in my life. Celebrities are such because they are special people. Not only do they possess an added degree of talent, they have that desire, and drive, or better stated, the intention to master their craft better than the average person. They have put in that cumulative effort that most people would rather not do. The cumulative effort of Pax’s heart health program leads to a longer, quality life. The key components of the Body for the Ages system are precisely what I used to cure myself and opt not to have my heart surgery.

— Gordon Bell
Program participant

From one health enthusiast to another, Pax Beale has blazed the trail that “pumping iron” has many benefits to offer. He reversed his heart disease, cheated the Grim Reaper, and is enjoying life to the fullest, all based on his “Go Hard or Go Home” philosophy. He shows you how in his book.

— Doug McConnell
Producer and Host, Bay Area Backroads

Recently, my mom was hospitalized for congestive heart failure. When she was discharged, she was wheelchair-bound due to her deconditioning. I immediately started her on the Body for the Ages protocol as described in Pax’s book. To make a long story short, at age 84, she is now out of her wheelchair and walking the hilly streets in her hometown every morning (with my Dad). Thanks to Pax for saving my Mom’s life.

— Gretchen Saaduddin
Daughter of a program participant

Body for the Ages has raised the bar by developing their program for heart health, diabetes, weight loss, and building a body of your dreams. They didn’t just use the expertise from Olympic champions; they tweaked the process scientifically to take health to another level.

— Dr. George Rhoden
World record holder and Olympic gold medal sprinter

Your intelligent weight-resistance training has certainly given me back my life after my pancreatic surgery, spleen removal, and my heart valve replacement with subsequent infection and recovery. Keep up the good work.

— Ron Leavitt, Au.D.
American Academy of Audiology